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Ahmed M. Adan

Hi, I am Ahmed M. Adan

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Ahmed M. Adan is a multi-skilled finance professional with over ten years of experience in managing complex finances in various public and private sector environments. He has a strong track record in fund and microfinance management, having worked with organizations such as the World Bank Group, European Union, UN, and UK Government Funded programs. Ahmed holds a First Class Honours Master of Science in Islamic Banking and Finance and a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and Finance. He is well-versed in International Accounting Standards and Public Financial Management Systems, particularly in health financing. Ahmed is known for his strong leadership and management skills, exceptional communication abilities, and proficiency in using accounting software such as PFM, QuickBooks, and Sage. He has a proven ability to develop and implement effective financial strategies, streamline processes, and deliver results. Ahmed’s expertise in budgeting, planning, reporting, and presentation makes him a great addition to the Guul Fund team.


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