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Jannie Smerup Nielsen

Hi, I am Jannie Smerup Nielsen

Management team

Jannie Smerup Nielsen, who recently joined the Guul Fund team, is a highly skilled professional with a wealth of experience in project management and academic writing. She holds a Master’s degree in Social Science, specializing in International Development Studies and Geography, which has equipped her with a strong foundation in understanding global development challenges. In her current role at Rako Research and Communication Centre, Jannie serves as a Research Grant Manager, where she is responsible for identifying funding opportunities and developing grant proposals. Her role requires a deep understanding of grant regulations and procedures, which she has mastered over the years. Jannie’s experience also extends to NGO work in Hargeisa, where she has demonstrated her commitment to community development. Her work in this area has honed her interpersonal skills and her ability to work effectively with diverse groups of people. Additionally, her freelance work with KIMM Global has provided her with valuable experience in procurement and delivery to the Oil and Gas industry. Overall, Jannie’s diverse skill set, coupled with her passion for humanitarian work and community development.

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