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Mohamed Aden Hassan

Hi, I am Mohamed Aden Hassan

Chief Executive Officer

is a visionary scholar and community advocate with over 18 years of experience in research, media, and business. Holding a PhD in Sociology from the University of London, he founded the Rako Research and Communication Centre in Hargeisa and has been the driving force behind the Guul Fund initiative. He serves as a Global Research Fellow at PRIO while holding an editorial role at Bildhaan Journal. Hassan focuses on youth, diaspora, and social policy issues. Additionally, he is a dedicated community activist and entrepreneur, known for establishing one of the better-known Somali TV stations and the largest greenhouse project across the Somali region. He is currently engaged in two impactful projects, including a Waste To Energy initiative and a mining project. Hassan’s skills, competencies, and experiences in management, research, business, and entrepreneurship position him as a dynamic and impactful leader in the academic, business, and community development spheres.

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